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Shopping This Discount Season: Use These Hacks To Save Extra

Shopping This Discount Season: Use These Hacks To Save Extra

1. Gift cards: Gift registry as a wedding gift or a gift card for your loved one can help you save a great deal. And some of the online market places, offer you discounted gifts which is offered over and above the discount already on offer on the platform. One also needs to be watchful of the month-end sales offer which can be further lucrative for you as a buyer of these gift cards.

2. Redemption of accumulated points: Big purchases can turn out to be cheaper for you, if you go in for redeeming your collected points on the shopping site or brand. So, as suggested by personal finance experts reduce your final billing amount, by using these loyalty points as a currency.

3. Give preference to online shopping: Apart from eliminating the need to visit a physical store and also with the option of free return applicable in case of most products, in case the product does not seem suitable, online shopping should be given precedence as it’s a far more affordable bet.

4. Smart shopping hacks to save that extra amount: You have to be smarter scouting out for the best of the day deal and it is best to look out for such deals between 2:30 PM to 4 PM. Also, there are sites which suggest the best price for different products and services such as Mybestprice etc. Also, you can plan a little ahead of festivities.

5. Use gift vouchers to make your purchase: Such platforms give you a further reason to rejoice as if such vouchers are obtained at a lesser cost, you can double your savings each time you make a purchase transaction.