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Google takes on Amazon with new shopping platform in US

In a bid to take on Amazon in the burgeoning e-commerce space, Google has debuted its new shopping platform for the users in the US. This was first announced back in May 2019.

If users accessing the platform log into their Gmail account, the feature will greet them by their names and show tailored suggestions, TechRadar reported on Monday.

To begin with, the company does not intend to start building warehouses to stock products but plans to point shoppers in the direction of a handful of selected retailers, including Costco Wholesale and Target. It has also partnered with Boxed and Walmart.

“Search for an item and the new site will point you towards products for sale in Google’s own store for devices like Google Home speakers or from its chosen third-party sellers,” the report said.

Some products would also be sold with a “Buy with Google Guarantee”, that would promise a refund for shoppers if the recommended retailer fails to deliver on time.

Before launching it in the US, Google tested the shopping platform in some parts of the world — including France.

Details on the wider roll out of Google’s shopping feature remain undisclosed as of now.

To use this feature, you have to sign into Google Shopping and once signed in, users will see a variety categories and exclusive offers from retailers. Google will also reportedly give users personalized buying suggestions, based on browsing history and web activity.

The shopping feature is currently only available in the US. However, there is no information yet on when the global roll out will be.