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Rs 3 crore cash, gold jewellery, cameras left behind on Delhi Metro in last 3 years

Rs 3 crore cash, gold jewellery, cameras left behind on Delhi Metro in last 3 years

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) unit of Delhi Metro has accumulated crores in cash, jewellery, gadgets and other valuables left behind by forgetful or hurried commuters inside the trains or station premises. As per reports, the CISF has secured Rs 2.8 crore in cash since 2016. The paramilitary force recovered Rs 81,04,602 in 2018, Rs 70,73,802 in 2017, Rs 75,15, 537 in 2016 and Rs 59,87,645 from January 1 to June 30, 2019 from the Delhi Metro premises.

The CISF has returned all these cash to the legitimate owner through the help of station controller of Delhi Metro.

According to a report in news agency IANS, besides cash, the CISF has also retrieved several valuable items including watches, wallets, cameras, phones, i-Pod, tablets as well as cheques from the Delhi Metro in last three years.

Additionally, the CISF troopers deputed in Delhi Metro, recovered cheques and draft worth Rs 2.25 crore, foreign currency worth Rs 85,866 crore, 65 laptops, 12 gold ornaments, 15 silver ornaments, 9 cameras, 34 watches, 129 mobile sets and 2 tablets in the first-six month of this year.

In 2018, the security personnel accumulated cheques and drafts over Rs 1.12 crore, foreign currency worth Rs 1,06,046, 140 laptops, 43 gold ornaments, 27 silver ornaments, 27 cameras, 58 watches, 329 mobile phones, seven tablets and one i-Pod.

Further, in 2017, the security forces  recovered cheques and drafts over Rs 4,84,477, foreign currency worth Rs 5,31,978, 130 laptops, 25 gold ornaments, 567 silver ornaments, 18 cameras, 110 watches, 364 mobile phones, 18 tablets and three i-Pods.

In 2016, the force recovered cheques and drafts over Rs 39,66,160, foreign currency worth Rs 7,03,065, 111 laptops, 49 gold ornaments, 25 silver ornaments, 17 cameras, 96 watches, 413 mobile phones, 10 tablets and one i-Pod.

A CISF official said the most items which they have recovered from the metro premises, were found majorly on the x-ray baggage on the seats of train coaches. baggage X-ray counters or on seats on the train coaches?

The CISF forces provide security at all 245 metro stations across Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). There are around 1.48 lakh CISF forces deployed in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. And everyday, around 30 lakh passengers travel by the Delhi Metro.