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Here’s how you can go for a digital detox

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With multiple social media sites and emails synced with our phones, there is rarely a moment when our mobile do not buzz. Multiple studies have shown that using your phone too often leads to addiction, straining of the eye and neck, depression, loss of focus and concentration and a plethora of lifestyle-related issues.

It, therefore, becomes important to take a break from the digital world from time to time. In case you are wondering how to detach from the digitally connected world, here are some ways you can go for a digital detox.

Try phone stacking

Whenever you meet your friends or family, keep your phone in one place and stay away from it. Enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company without digital distractions.

Keep tech out of the bedroom

You need to set some ground rules. Most people surf their phone before bedtime, and not only lose on their sleep time but also invite distraction. It is best to put your phone in your living room and sleep in peace.

Prioritise your settings

There are some calls we cannot ignore – friends, family, and boss. Prioritise calls or messages from important people and allow yourself to access your phone for five minutes in two hours. That way, you will not pull out your phone mindlessly.

Eat with others

When you eat at your desk, you tend to use your phone or laptop for entertainment and company while eating. It is always a good idea to go to the pantry and eat with others.

Go on a digital detox holiday

Going on holiday and travelling is the best way to go on a digital detox. Select a place that is calm and is surrounded by natural beauty, and leave your phone in the room while you explore a new place.