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From Brazilian skincare secrets to Mexican tequila treatments, this is GLAMOUR’s big global beauty guide…

A wise woman once said ‘don’t catch feelings, catch flights’, and frankly, we don’t need to be told twice. With a world so big and beautiful to see, we’d happily swap Tinder tactics for an overseas adventure any day.

Aside from the breathtaking views, incredible cuisines and pretty postcard streets, the world has so many beauty secrets to discover.

Some you may already be familiar with, especially with the recent K-beauty and J-beauty phenomenon, but there’s still a lot we can learn from the other 193 countries on the planet.

And if you don’t have enough frequent flyer points to hit them all, never fear, because GLAMOUR’s big global beauty guide is here…

BRAZIL: Guarana fruit & spa treatments

With one of the most luscious landscapes on the whole planet, Brazilians like to utilise their surrounding flora and fauna in skincare

Homegrown Guarana fruit’s high caffeine levels give new energy to the skin and help to banish cellulite, the native Brazil nut is packed with vital vitamins and Babbasu oil acts as a national beauty staple to nourish skin.

In comparison to London prices, treatments such as facials and pedicures are also much more affordable, making them a regular staple in the Brazillian beauty routine.

JAPAN: Shaggy bobs

When you think of Japan, many of us envision the locals to have youthful, glowing skin and long, shiny hair.

While the former is accurate due to science-first skincare dominating the Japanese beauty market, hair is getting a shaggy shape up.

While sleek glass hair is now popular in the Western world, Japan’s capital has is swapping their signature look in favour of more texture and jagged layers. Say hello to the shaggy Tokyo bob…


AFRICA: Coconut oil & satin bonnets

Ask any celebrity what their DIY hair hack is and they’re likely to say coconut oil for shiny hair.

Want to know where they got that tip from? African women. They’ve been using that jar of hydrating goodness to detangle their tricky texture for years.

And long silk pillowcases were a thing, African women have been wrapping their hair in silk bonnets and scarfs, to protect it from any friction and breakage caused by cotton sheets and pillowcases.